Setting Your Fees In Private Practice

This week I premiered a free training video where I took you through the exact steps you need to take to set the right fees for your practice and your individual financial goals. As an extra bonus, I also threw in an Excel Template which you can download below to help you do the calculations.

How to make the switch from 1:1 to Group Coaching -- Without Losing Any Clients

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I work with private practice owners - just like you - helping them to build profitable 7-figure practices in a way that is 100% values and ethics aligned.

As a result, they get to have more meaning, more time, more money and most importantly more freedom, without becoming a slave to their practice - and they get to do all of this, whilst helping more people in better ways.

It is my purpose work, to help YOU also get those results. So if you are ready to build the practice you deserve, then just click the CONTACT ME button below. This will take you to a short Triage Form that will assist me in determining how I can best support you in building a practice you can't stop smiling about.

Clients Results

“I achieved a 332% increase in Turnover for the last Quarter, compared to the same Quarter last year.”

– Group Practice Owner, Private Practice Success Academy Member.

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